Feed Filipino Children.org

Feed Filipino Children.org – was founded by Franco Joseph, I am an american guy living here in San Fernando City, La Union Philippines.

I have been here now just over 10 years and my travels throughout the entire country have been rewarding in so many ways. When i first arrived here i had thoughts of finding my bride and moving back to Hawaii and live happily ever after.

That did not quite work out that way. Instead i fell in love with the country and the Philippine Culture. The filipinos everywhere i travel are the warmest most loving that you could ever desire to meet.

With that said i have also seen personally children that are extremely poor and always coming up to me and asking of course for money and they use the universal hand gesture reaching to their mouth showing me they wish for money to eat…

O of course with a very soft heart always help when i can… My work is online marketing as i build websites to help businesses create their online presence. So it was not a far stretch for myself do build this website with one intention.

To help as many poor filipino children as possible. I can not do it by myself.

So we… meaning you and i and all the wonderful filipino community aboard to just donate $1 dollar per month, that is all. $12.00 dollars a year can help so many children and of course this only works once we have 500 plus members per month!

May I ask for your $1 dollar donation today to help feed the hungry children in the Philippines…

We appreciate any support possible.

Thank you,

Franco Joseph

63 919 630-3333


Our Email: feedfilipinochildreorg@gmail.com